Programme Morzine

Wednesday 18th January

16:00                 Chalet Open

19:00                 Partners Dinner


Thursday 19th  January

09:15                 Welcome

09:30                 Presentation ETH – Julie Ing “Transfers of climate-mitigation technologies and relocation

10:30                 Break

11:00                 Presentation LSE – Antoine Dechezlepretre “The impact of intellectual property rights on the international transfer of climate change mitigation technologies

12:00                 Presentation IHEID – Giulia Valacchi  « Technology transition or firm relocation? A multi-country study of the steel industry »

13:00                 Lunch break (outside of chalet)

17:45                 Presentation Guest Speaker – Timo Goeschl “Dynamics of resource efficiency at the micro-level: The washing machine 1968 – 2015”

19:00                 Partners Dinner


Friday 20th  January

09:30                 Presentation IHEID – Francois Cohen “Extensive and Intensive Margins of Adaptation to Climate Change in the US Residential Sector”

10:30                 Break

11:00                 Presentation EPFL – Claudia Pellegrin “Environmental process innovation and production cost savings: an analysis on Swiss firm-level panel data

12:00                 Lunch Break (outside of chalet)

17:45                 Presentation Guest Speaker – Cees Withagen,  “Double-limit pricing

19:00                 Partners Dinner


Saturday 21 January


10:00                 Partners Depart